Our profile

The company Prodeko produces and sells environment-friendly willow, hazel and wooden products.

Prodeko originated as a family business with 20-year experience in willow weaving and it keeps developing new designs.

The underlying assumption that was the grounds for establishing our company was developing a product offer and a production centre manufacturing the products of both useful and decorative functions based on the local natural resources.

Our main production focuses on willow screens, paling fences and hazel hurdles.

Another important aspect of our production includes products for domestic animals and wild birds, including bird feeders, breeding nest boxes and traditional willow baskets closely connected with the local weaving traditions.

Thanks to our seasonal, flexible production capabilities we can realize our customers’ orders on time, providing our clients with the best and top quality products and service, including the auction orders. Every year we update our product catalogue with new original designs. Moreover, we are open to new ideas and suggestions from our customers.

Our main aim is to optimize our production and keep the traditional character of our products, as well as the flexibility of our production capabilities, high quality and competitive prices.

Due to their individual and unique appearance our products perfectly blend in with their surroundings enhancing the natural character of garden arrangements and other recreational spaces.

During our production process we pay special attention to making use of the natural resources coming from renewable farms as an alternative source of materials in order to preserve natural forests.

Thanks to many years of market experience and long cooperation with European clients we can provide you with the best professional and punctual service complying with all your wishes and product specifications.

We would like to encourage all wholesalers to cooperate with us!