Paling fences

in a classic & modern style

The fences, which are made in a traditional way from hand-split hazel pales in various heights, stand out visually due to their simple and natural character.

There are a few stages of preparing the material in a manual way – firstly barking, then splitting piles into smaller slivers with appropriate lengths and finally sharpening one end of each of the pales.

To enhance the rustic charm of the fences they may also be made from the material with bark. Individual pales are joined by machine with the wire of the chosen type; the possible gaps between the pales are form about 3 to 10 cm.

This type of fencing stands out from others thanks to its unique individual character. In addition, it does not need wood preservation because of the fact that in the structure of the hazel wood there are natural acids, tannins and resins, which are natural and long-lasting protective barrier against changing weather conditions for many years, at the same slowing down the process of wood ageing.

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