Willow and hazel hurdles

natural and stylish protective barriers

The stylish decoration for each garden for many years. Our willow and hazel hurdles are made from the high quality carefully selected types of natural resources. In this product type range we offer individual solutions regarding the dimensions and the way of manufacturing. Additionally willow/wicker hurdles are subjected to oil treatment, which effectively protects both the hurdles and frames against mould and fungus, and it slows down the ageing process, in order to lengthen the time of usage.

Hazel hurdles are believed to be one of the oldest types of fences – which were already used in the Iron Age.
Apart from the typical use as the fence, hazel hurdles are also used as ladders and supporters for garden plants (creepers, climbers) on balconies and terraces.

The willow and hazel hurdles we offer are made by the most experienced craftsmen according to the local long weaving traditions.

Differences between willow and hazel hurdles?

Willow hurdles are made from younger and thus thinner branches/shoots with the width reaching 1 cm, while hurdles in hazel fences are usually made from thicker branches with the diameter reaching 2 cm. That’s why they are exceptionally stable and resistant to changing weather conditions. The average period of usage for the hazel hurdles, depending on the location, is up to 15 years without the necessity of wood preservation.

Below there are a few selected items from our offer: