Hazel Paling fences

classic & modern garden style

Traditionally made hand-split hazel wood stakes of various heights stand out visually due to their originally natural character.

The raw material is prepared in several stages manually – debarking, then splitting piles into smaller logs of appropriate lengths. The last step is to sharpen each stake on one side.

To emphasize the rustic look, fences can also be made of unbarked raw material. Individual stakes are machine-connected with wire in the selected standard, possible stake spacing ranging from approx. 3 to 10 cm.

This type of fencing stands out from others due to its individual and exceptional appearance and does not require impregnation thanks to the presence of natural acids, tannins and resins in the structure of hazel wood, which constitute an excellent natural and durable protective barrier against various weather conditions for many years, thus slowing down the wood aging processes.

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