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The basic assumption behind the establishment of our company was to develop an offer base and organize a plant manufacturing utilitarian and decorative products from wickerwork raw materials and wood based on local natural resources.

Our offer’s main profile includes stake fences made of split hazel wood, woven fences made of hazel and wicker, and decorative birch.

Thanks to seasonal, flexible manufacturing capacities, we offer our customers timely and high-quality execution of their orders, including the execution of stock orders. Every year, we supplement our product portfolio with new, unique items, and we are open to cooperation with new recipients.

We constantly strive to optimize and maintain the traditional character of our products while ensuring flexible manufacturing capacities, high quality and competitive pricing.

PRODEKO - artykuły ogrodowe
PRODEKO - artykuły ogrodowe

Due to their individual and exceptional appearance, our products blend perfectly with the surroundings and emphasize the natural character of the arrangement of gardens and all types of relaxation and recreation spaces.

In the manufacturing process, we emphasize the use of raw materials from renewable plantations as an alternative to protect forests as natural resources.

Thanks to many years of market experience in cooperation with European contractors, we will provide you with careful implementation of your orders: ‘on time’ and in accordance with your wishes and specifications.

We encourage you to cooperate with us!

PRODEKO - artykuły ogrodowe

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