Natural and stylish protective barriers

A stylish decoration of any garden for many years. Our wicker fences are made of high-quality varieties of selected raw materials. In this product group, we offer individual solutions in terms of dimensions and execution methods. Wicker fences are additionally subjected to oil impregnation, which effectively makes the weave and frame structure resistant to mould and fungi, and slows down the aging process in order to maximize service life.

In addition to the typical use as a fence, these fencing elements will find practical use as scaffolding and supports for garden creepers, on terraces and balconies. Manufactured by the most experienced craftsmen in accordance with many years of local wickerwork traditions.

Differences between wicker and hazel fences

Wicker fences are made of younger, and therefore thinner tendrils up to 1 cm thick. In turn, the weave in hazel fences is most often made of thicker tendrils with a diameter of up to 2 cm. Therefore, they are exceptionally stable and resistant to various weather conditions. The service life of hazel fences, depending on the location, is up to 15 years without the need for impregnation.

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